Loop 9 Transportation Study

Dallas District Office
4777 East Highway 80
Mesquite, Texas 75150-6643
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Project Information


First Section from I-35E to I-45 (Corridor B)
This section began development following approval of the Corridor/Feasibility Study in 2014.  TxDOT proposes the construction of a six-lane new location frontage road system between I-35E and I-45 through Dallas and Ellis counties, Texas. The proposed right-of-way (ROW) would include a median that would accomodate the future construction of an ultimate access-controlled mainline facility. Construction of the ultimate access-controlled mainline facility would be based on the projected traffic and funding would require additional environmental analysis prior to construction. Once approved, the frontage road system would be constructed in three phases as funding becomes available. Phase 1 (one side of the frontage road system) would be constructed first.

Following the Public Meeting, the project team has continued to refine the project schematics to address concerns presented by the public and local officials.  These revisions are ongoing and an updated set of project schematics will be available on this website (anticipated Summer 2017).       

As TxDOT moves forward with the first section of Loop 9 from I-35E to I-45, check back here for updates on the development of the schematic design and Environmental Assessment (EA). Updates on this study and future public involvement activities will be provided on the website as they become available.